Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Sweet Award!

Awe, my friend Cheryl sent me this award!!! I am so happy to be getting it from her, she is such a doll and wowza have you seen all the great things on her blog?  Very, very, talented girlie!!!  Thanks Cheryl this means so much!

Now, I am supposed to list 10 things I like right?  So here goes!

1.  Being with my hubby!!!!!!
2.  Meeting people through blogging
3.  Boating with my fam
4.   Sunsets on the lake
5.  My adorable pup "Rambo"
6.  Cardmaking
7.  Shopping for crafts NOT clothes
8.  Cutsey Stamps (you never would have guessed huh?) 
9.  Summertime!
10.  Having Alyssa come home and we all hang out

I would like anyone who wants this award to be sure to grab it.  I would love for everyone to have it!

I said I would have a card today, but some unexpected events took over, sooooo....be back later!!!

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