Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Part II and III Coloring With Distress Inks

 Hello again! Well, I am unable to upload all of my video for working with Distress Inks at the same time, so here are the final parts, Part II - Coloring Clothing and III Coloring Hair. You can find Part I HERE.

BTW, Angela asked where I buy my Strathmore paper and I buy it from Texas Art Supply.  They do have an online store to order from.  Also, Elaine asked if I use the ink pads or refills.  I use refills.  If I have a color in the pads just squish the lid while closed onto the pad and then you have instant watercolor ready inside the lid.
I use Stazon ink always to stamp my image and the paper pad is a cold press pad and has a VERY slight cream color to it.   You can only tell this by putting it next to stark white.

Part II - Clothing

Part III - Hair 

Thanks again for watching!

Hugs, Dena


  1. Well I was supposed to be doing a little commentary on my fave blogs before bedtime but I have been completely distracted by your three video tutorials! And they were compelling to watch! I am tempted to go ink up an LOTV image right now and get my own distress inks out(except that it's getting on for 1.00am). I will definitely come back and watch them again and I will have a go some time soon. It was great to hear your dulcet Texan tones, too, Dena! It's almost like you are sitting here with me! Thank you for sharing these! Big Hugs! Lesley

  2. Thanks so much for doing these video tutorials! I am getting ready to do a wedding LOTV stamp for my daughters invitation. This was very helpful....will be watching again!

  3. Hi Dena,

    Just wanted to thank you for the videos on distress ink coloring. I have watch every video on the net that I could find on the subject and I must tell you that your's are the best I have seen. Tomorrow I will pull out my inks again....you have inspired me girl!!

    P.S. I have always admired your work....you are a very talented Lady!


  4. Thank-you...Thank-you...It was like distressing with you right here in my craft room! It has been wonderful to learn from you....you are such an inspiration to me!

  5. Thank Dena for these fabulous video's. They will be a great help to my distress ink coloring.
    Hugs Maz

  6. Oh, Dena, thanks for taking the time to do these tutorials. I've been wondering how you do your MAGIC. I just want to drop everything now and start practicing what you showed us...LOL.
    Questions for you. Is the watercolour paper hot press or cold press? And what stamp ink pad do you use to stamp your images? Do you also use the Memento stamp pad that is used with alcohol-ink markers or something else?


  7. Awesome tips Dena! Have always loved your coloring and you have used many different colors I am anxious to try! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!

  8. Great tuts Dena will definitely give these a try
    thanks so much
    Suzie Qx

  9. Fabulous tutorials Dena, I should have started a DT card by now but I got so engrossed in watching your videos lol.
    Thanks soooo much for taking the time to share these
    hugs Mandy xx

  10. Absolutely BRILLIANT tutorials Dena! I've only just started working with the distress inks, but feel I've learned loads from watching how you work. Thank you SO much!

    Judi x

  11. Thank you so much for these wonderful tutorials. Your work is amazing.

  12. Oh wauw... you made tutorials!!!! I always wanted to know how you color your images because they always look só great!
    I am going to look very carefully how you do it... thanks!!
    hugs, jolanda

  13. WOW! Dena, this is so stunning!! Love your videos, I could just look at them all night long! So generous to share your tips and your "moves" along the paper :)
    Very generous hunny!


    Oh, before I forget I saw something UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL on the WOC blog the other day and I regognized your style immeditaley! You know that is just ROCKING!! Love it!!

  14. Hi Dena, I loved these tutorial video´s! This is totally different from the way I work with the D.I. The paper I work on dries real quickly, so I wouldn´t have time to blend. I work with a filled waterbrush and blend straight away as I´m working. So is that like watercolour paper that you work on?? I do have some lying about, I will have to try it. I'll keep you posted ok! Thanks again! Hugs, Frea

  15. WOW, thank you so much for the WONDERFUL tutorials!!!! I have LOVED watching them. I have been wanting to try coloring with distress inks for a while now, and have been so nervous and scared to try it. Now, I am totally inspired and wanting to try it. Thanks so much. I am going to email you a couple of questions, but I just LOVE your work, and think you are completely talented and inspirational!!!

  16. TFS! I still have to give this a try. Last year I bought all the Distress inks, brushes, etc. and still haven't given it a try yet :(


  17. thanks Dena for the fab tutorials i have just started painting with distress inks and all your tips have been very helpful.
    Hugs Angie x

  18. Dena - thanks so much for sharing your "how to" distress coloring! I'm sure it's a big deal to get it all done but I appreciate it and thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Makes me want to do it again!!! I made palettes of the ink and everything and then went back to copics... ugh! I need to be "stretched" more often! lol thanks again for sharing!
    Pam Going Postal

  19. Thanks for sharing your great tutorials! (I found you on youtube). Your coloring is amazing! You make it look a lot easier than it really is!


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