Dear Dena,
We're writing to tell you about the new website that we've recently launched for customers in the US and Canada. At first glance the new website might not look very different, but we've been listening to feedback from customers in the US and Canada, and we've made changes in important areas. We still have the same great value for money prices, but all products are priced in US Dollars, measurements are using the American system, e.g., inches, ounces and yards, and shipping costs have been simplified and reduced. We now offer free shipping on all orders over $75. If you go to you will automatically connect to the new website.
If you haven't visited us for a while, you'll see that we've got some great new products on our website, like the new carnations, lilies, tulips, plus lots more. We've also got some amazing special offers at the moment, including large packs of 1¼" (30mm) Wild Roses, and Curly Wild Roses.
If you want to contact us about anything, please reply to this email or send and email to:
Hope to see you soon.
Kind regards, Paul & Siri - Wild Orchid Crafts
Now how many companies are that awesome!!???? Did you see the free shipping part over $75!!!! Wowza!
Have a great weekend, and I hope to share something cute with you tomorrow, it just depends!! haha!
Hugs, Dena