Friday, March 2, 2012

My Experiments With Distress Markers!

UPDATE! UPDATE!!! I'm so excited!!!! I tried it by first wetting my watercolor paper then swiping in a feather motion where I want color and whala!!!!! It works.  I really like the results!!! Yippee!  I was really hoping for good results and these are good for me!

I need to put a little disclaimer here the says "THIS IS JUST MY OPINION" haha!  I have tested the new Distress ink markers and will let you know and see how things turned out.  I hope you will make your own decisions, based on your preference.

Ok, first off....the other day I told you that I tried coloring the marker on watercolor paper and they do not blend anything like the refills.  Next, I tried on a more smooth type paper, something I use for copics, and they barely bleed when I added water.  I knew that he used the Specialty Stamping Paper in the video so I drove across town to a stamp store that had the paper and markers already.  So I buy the paper for $8.99 a pack for 10 sheets right?  It is basically glossy paper that is a matte finish.  This paper is too thick to go through my printer and much thicker than my regular cardstock (so no digis with this paper for me).  Once I am home, I try it out.  It bleeds with Memento Ink, so then I tried Stazon Ink, no bleeding.  I try several techniques to see what I can come up with.  Now keep in mind, I am wanting them to work like distress inks so all my applications are directly to paper.  I start on the inside of the flower laying down color and try blending out with a paintbrush.  I lose contrast in my colors.  I add more color to the center again and try blending out again, a bigger mess.  Ok, let's try the pants.....I tried again and then figured it works better if I outline and then blend from the white space into the color instead of what I usually do of blending from color out to white.  I add some Milled lavender for some shadows, which is what I usually do with refills, and you can see it doesn't blend into the other color well, it is definitely visible that it is a different color.  You can also see places on this image that are outside of the lines, well, that was little oopsies when I was blending and thinking it was only water and it would get outside of the lines. The paper is very slippery and makes it hard to get rid of stroke marks.  Oh and before I forget to tell you, ummmm, it does matter how long you wait, just look at the hat.  I applied color close to the flowers and quickly picked up my brush and it still did not blend well.  I still see harsh straight lines.  You can color on a plastic palette and pick up the color with a brush and that is what I did for the watering can.  I just added about 4 layers where it looks darker  for shading purposes and barely blended to try and get it to look like a shadow.  It is just sooooo pale!

 EEEK! The photo above is of the Specialty Stamping Paper.

Now this next set of pictures is of me swiping the color once and immediately taking a water filled brush and brushing over with a little water.  I did them individually so no set time for the marker.

Boy, do I ever sound like a negative Nancy, but I sure would like to hear your take on them if you have had a good experience.  Please give me the key, because as of right now I don't like them.  I hate it when I think something is going to be a great idea only to find out it's not!  Now if you are not into shading, then they will work just fine like regular markers do, but don't expect the deep shading that you can get with refills.

I would seriously love to hear what you think of them.  I need a pick me up! haha!

Have a great day and hopefully better luck than me! Signing off and soooo disappointed!



Karita said...

Oh no, this doesn´t sound good at all :(
I´ve just received my Markers yesterday and haven´t try them yet. I also bought Specialty Stamping Paper from Rangers - hoping they`ll work together... We´ll see... But now I´m sooooooo afraid...


~ Ali ~ said...

Thanks for an honest opinion Dena will onlt be buying a couple now to try as it really is allot to outlay if they can't do what we want them too :O(

Ali x

Louise said...

I already ordered my markers and waiting for them (all 37) to arrive. I did not order the paper yet, may pass on that. I have some La Blanche specialty stamping paper, I will try with this and let you know

Kathy said...

I was excited to see these at CHA and couldn't wait to try them, wow, I'm so glad I didn't buy them yet! I was expecting them to work just like the reinkers too, but not messy. Thank you for the info! Blessings! Kathy

Viv's Visuals said...

Thank you for your honest opinion on these! I wasn't tempted as I'm happy with what I've got and sometimes think that I can be a little guilty of 'something new, got to have it'!! So am glad I resisted. Your colouring on your cards is always beautiful so cannot blame you for wanting to try these as they were so hyped up! How disappointed you must be - let's hope someone comes up with asolution to the card/paper problem too!

Fiona said...

wow have obviously spent hours on this and I had placed an order for a pack which I had cancelled anyway before I read your post as I thought like Ali above...better to buy a couple first and see how they go. I was hoping they would be the same as colouring with DI's themselves. I use Fabriano card for using with my DI's which I think works perfect for me but the card I use for copics doesn't work...


Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi we are still waiting in the UK to get ours !! I really do hope there will be better solutions as we are all looking forward to using them like you !! Great feedback still though ;0)

Anita said...

Dena, thanks so much for sharing this info. I haven't bought/ordered any markers because I kinda wanted to see what others thought about them before spending all that $$$. I think after reading your post I'll just stick to my pads & refills. Hugs, Anita

Tammy Ortiz said...

Oh wow I was hoping a good experience as well I have not ordered them yet because I wanted to see the responses
Humm hugs

Jane said...

Thanks so much for your review, this is so helpful. I only have a few Promarkers and have no experience of anything else. It is useful to hear of what you have tried.Thanks for sharing.
Jane x

Cheryl said...

I purchased all the markers from QVC in England and they are fanastic! I used a smooth watercolour card and picked the ink up off an acrylic block, to get the shading apply the ink direct to the paper where you want a more intense colour and use a waterbrush to soften the line. Hope that helps.

Squirrel x said...

Really value your thoughts Dena, and thanks for sharing them babe. Have to say, I ain't happy with what I'm hearing so far. I really wanted the pens to be a portable DI system, but it sounds as if that isn't going to be the case. Wondering now if I am too late to cancel the order as I sure could put those ££ to better use if the pens are not what we had been lead to believe. Feeling quite deflated now, but pleased to have the knowledge. Hugs Sxxx

Elaine said...

Thank you Dena...I really appreciate your honest opinion.
As I use DI pads and reinkers for all my colouring I was really looking forward to trying the markers out..I had already decided that I would buy just a couple first to see how they work, but now I think I will just stick to my pads and bottles.
Many thanks hunny.

Love Elaine xxx

Rosietoes said...

Oh dear. I've mine ordered and as far as I know they are on their way. I hope that I can get them to work after reading about your experience Dena or it will be a lot of money wasted.
Let's hope someone finds the ideal medium to use them on - quickly!!

Thank you for the report.
Edna x

Teresa said...

Oh dear Dena, I am waiting for my pens to arrive and was quite excited, I do hope they are going to work as I was really hoping for the distress painted
look too. I will let you know how I get on, thanks for your honest opinion. Have a great weekend, Teresa xx

Gunilla/Nilla said...

thank you so very much for taking the time and showing us what you think about the markers.
Sounds a little bit like Tombows to me. Will wait a while and order.

Have a lovely weekend//Gunilla

Suzie's Card Den said...

Hi Dena
Well you already know my thoughts on them, I was very disappointed and sent the whole set back. I wanted to use them as markers and blend with a water brush, if I wanted to put them on an acrylic block and use like distress inks I would not need to buy them as I already have distress inks.
Certainly in the UK if anyone has bought them over the internet you are allowed to return them within 7days for a full refund even if you have tried them, under the distance selling regulations. I know this as I am a director of a large ecommerce business.
Suzie xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

Ooh heck! Mine haven't arrived yet. Thank you for this Dena. It will sure be interesting to see the result.
I will let you know how I go on xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

Ooh heck! Mine haven't arrived yet. Thank you for this Dena. It will sure be interesting to see the result.
I will let you know how I go on xx

Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

Hanging my head, so sad to hear, Dena. I also popped over to Suzi's. I am just crushed. Mine are on preorder from Oozak and haven't shipped yet. I wonder what Rusty's policy is on returns, as I can't find it on the site... I really thought they would be the "small footprint" answer to trying my hand at DI coloring - you who create this way, I am just in awe of! :( Thanks so much for posting! wendy xx

Sarah said...

I have the full set on pre-order although not paid for. I did however order them to use as Tim demoed on the CHA tutorial. If you want them as portable DI colouring even if you were to use acrylic block and waterbrush it's easier to transport 37 pens than inkpads. Unfortunately the full sets are taking longer to ship so got to wait a couple more weeks.

Deb said...

This is so interesting Dena, thank you for your honestly in your review of these. I did wonder how they would work but wanted to wait and see what others thought of them. Think I will stick with my pencils for now!
Have a great weekend ♥Debxx

Elise said...

Oh boy. Well .. hmmm. I know what an INCREDIBLE artist you are, and I KNOW what you do with your images. And to see and hear your opinion .. gosh .. thanks for letting us know about them and seeing it with our eyes. And FOUR shadings with the watering can huh?!!! yeeeek!

Thank you for showing this Dena!

Big Hugs,

Laura Turcotte said...

Dang!! I wish I had researched properly!! I have the full set, and I am not completely satisfied with them. Thankfully I did not pay full price---I got them 'second-hand', but I am still un-impressed. I'm going to stick with my pencils


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