Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two More Prima Doll Tags

My friend Christina has now got to see these last two tags I made, so I can show them to you guys!

The first one is inspired by Christy Tomlinson.  I took one of her courses online and using her dolls was a disaster, but then using these worked fine for me haha! It is so fun putting random stuff down and seeing how it turns out. 

The second one, I was going for a more "clean" look, maybe a little card-style.  Both were fun and now I wanna make MORE!!!

I made a mixed media canvas layout that I will be showing tomorrow.  Oh, now that was super fun!

Thanks for stopping by.  I know this is different for me, but I have to get this bit of experimenting out of my system haha!  It's just too fun!

BTW, I got my Prima Dolls from Hopscotch Crafts, but his site is down right now.  Some people have found them at Ellen Hutson.   I jumped when I saw them available.  Now for some project making with them YeAH!

Hugs, Dena


  1. Hey Dena! Your tags with these images are stunning!! Love what you have done with them! I've managed to snap up a couple here in the UK but not had time to use them yet - thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Juliexx

  2. These are so beautiful Dena. I really love the designs and wonderful detailing. The sentiment on the first one is so beautiful.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Great tags Dena and I am really enjoying seeing different things from you...variety is the spice of life ;0) x

  4. This is stunning!! Love the polka for dresses!! Hugs Juls xxx

  5. Ooooo these are fabulous Dena!
    I love this style of crafting but it scares the pants off me!
    They have both turned out beautifully, I prefer the 'clean' look one more, but that's only because that's the look I like most.
    Clever you!
    Can't wait to see your canvas now.

    Big hugs
    Elaine xxx

  6. sigh.... I am in love!!!

  7. Hello
    I just discovered your blog,and I love what I see. These two last tags are stunning. I really love the last of these two. Think I have to make one myself. I just got one of these stamps, but you got me inspired to make a tag.
    Thanks, and I will follow you.
    Wish you a great day.

  8. They are SPECTACULAR....the pictures, although beautiful, can't begin to do them justice. I can't stop admiring them....so much detail
    to admire on those works of art!
    Can't wait to see you canvas...NEW OBSESSION!!!!!

  9. Hi Dena!!! You girls have done such an AMAZING job with these tags! I tell you .. they're incredibly GORGEOUS! I mean seriously, I'm looking at these STUNNERS, and SO much work has been put into them! Like .. how do you know where to start?!! Top to bottom .. A-MA-ZING! The details .. wow wow wow!! I truly LOVE them .. you are such an inspiration!

    Much Love,

  10. So gorgeous tags.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  11. Your exchange with my sweet friend Christina is wonderful. You both did such a marvelous job with these girls -- I love them all!

  12. Dena these tags are AMAZING, I've ordered the dolls, I need to try this NOW x

  13. These tags are awesome! Love them both Jen xx

  14. Saw your tags on pinterest and they are gorgeous. I would love to know the techniquesyou used . Which class did you take from Christy?


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