Friday, April 25, 2014

Congratulations to my Daughter

You know, we all have dreams and when we are lucky our dreams come true!  I had dreams when I was in school of becoming a graphic artist. Yep! That was my one and only thing I wanted to do if I went on to college. day it was my turn to make a visit to the counselor and tell him my plans for the future.  I went in and told him I want to go to college for Graphic Design! I was excited about this plan.  My excitement was crushed when he told me that would not be a good idea and that it was too competitive and I would never get a job!!! OMG!  I look back on that now and think how crazy it was for him to tell a student that.  I wish so much that I had gone ahead and done what I dreamed about.

My daughter, Alyssa, has dreamed of doing something in the medical field since around age 3! Seriously, it was all Dr. Barbie, and dr. kits for her at Christmas.  After much thought, she decided she wanted to be a nurse.  She graduates TODAY with her BSN.  She got a job at a wonderful hospital in the Medical Center called St. Lukes.  She will be in the Cardiovascular ICU!!!! She is sooooo thrilled.  It was very nerve racking going through the interviewing process and all, but she is now starting her dream job, and career in July!  Her Dad and I couldn't be more proud!

I made this card for her and had to put the little heart in the background since she will be in the CVICU. This is Nurse Lucy from C.C. Design colored with copics.

Congrats to Alyssa for following her dream!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 

Big hugs, Dena


  1. Congratulations! How wonderful!

  2. Big CONGRATS to your daughter for achieving her goal and dream, and to you too for making such an card here, it´s so beautiful Dena.

  3. It is scary how much damage irresponsible teachers/counsellors can do - that's how I ended up here instead of teaching. But for you hunny, with your skills, it is not too late. HUGE congratulations to your daughter, that is brilliant news and you must be so full of love and pride for her. Huggles xx

  4. Many congratulations to your daughter, Dena! How wonderful for you all!
    Your gorgeous card is just perfect with that pretty nurse and clever background! Hope she never has to give a pill that BIG though!! :)
    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  5. Big congrats to Alyssa!
    Your card is just perfect and beautiful! Love the details and hearts. :)

    Hugs, Anne.

  6. Congratulations to your daughter, its a daunting world stepping out as a newly qualified nurse but it is so rewarding she will love it, i certainly do x

  7. HUGE congratulations to your Daughter Dena!!!! You all must be SOOO proud! Such a PERFECT card for the occasion!!

  8. Hello Dena,
    Congrats to your daughter. There is nothing better than seeing dreams come true.
    All the luck for your daugther and you all.

  9. Beautiful card Dena and many congrats to Alyssa - you must be very proud! Funnily enough, my school guidance counsellor told me that I wasn't the cleverest ( I do have a BA Hons, mind you!) but I would always get by on my looks!! Haha - I was so happy to be told that at 17! Much love, Juliexx

  10. Way to go to your daughter. I truly believe that when something is in your heart that you can do it is so wonderful that your daughter followed her heart and dreams!!!! I would be a proud mama too!!!! Beautiful card Dena! In blog land...YOU ARE our graphic designer! So take that school councilour....look at her now!!!!!

  11. OMG...Congratulations to your daughter for pursuing her dream!!!!
    I had a similar experience with a counselor who told my daughter not to bother applying at the elite colleges because, coming from a small school, she would not get in.
    We did just that and she got in!!!!!
    Your card is adorable and I'm certain she will treasure it! Great job, Dena!

  12. Congratulations for your daughter. And what an adorable card for this occasion.

  13. A wonderful achievement. Congrats to the whole family, your daughter for her perseverance and you for helping her achieve her dream.

  14. Congratulations Alyssa - I wish you all the best for your new career.
    Your card is gorgeous Dena, nothing to stop you following your dream now.
    Lorraine x

  15. WOW sweetie this is just amazing, and huge congrats to your daughter hugs Pops x x x

  16. Big BIG congrats to your daughter Alyssa for following her dreams. Wishing her a lifetime of amazing experiences and challenges in her career. Your card is adorable Dena and I'm sure it will serve as a loving reminder of how proud her Mom is of her.

  17. OMGosh Dena! I can't believe your counselor told you that .. it's AWFUL!!!!!! :( How dare he crush your dreams like that! blaugh! And he was a "counselor" in a high school?! Sheeesh .. he had the wrong job!

    A huge congratulations to Alyssa! Wowww .. time sure does fly by doesn't it? Your little girl is now a young woman and starting her career! .. Way to Go!!! So very very proud of her!

    And what a GORGEOUS card you've made her .. hehe .. love the heartbeat lines in the background! So love your colouring and this is PERFECT for her with all these hearts!!!

    Hope you all had a lovely time at the beach! And hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

    Much Love,

  18. absolutely beautiful card, Dena!!! congratulations to your daughter and good luck with her new job!!!

  19. Your card is beautiful and it is perfect for your daughter, I am sure she will love it. Congratulations to all of you, because you are all part of her amazing journey to achieve her dream! Big hug, Ivonne

  20. Beautiful card, Dena and congratulations to your daughter.

    Deborah A

  21. Congrats to your daughter and her achievements Dena and boo to your counselor. Good grief, what a thing to say. Best wishes to Alyssa on her dream job.

  22. Congratulations Alyssa! and always follow your dreams. My story is pretty similar to yours Dena, I ended up in secretarial school, finished with success, but always regretted not follow my dreams of becoming art teacher...Although I learned a lot in this jungle, I hated each and every moment I spent there. this is how I learned that this is what happened when I do not listen to my inner voice! Your card is gorgeous. Hugs. xox

  23. Hey Dena,
    Massive Congratulations to the wonderful Alyssa. She must have a very caring nature. I know where she gets that from! You & Tom must be so proud. I'm thrilled for her.
    Big Hugs,
    Andie xx
    PS Fab card, I bet she loved it :~)

  24. Wow, congrats to Alyssa. That is a dream well earned. It takes dedication and hard work to get where she is now. Fabulous card for her. Love all your details. Hugs, Wends x


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