Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Up and Away Card Tutorial

UPDATE!  A very clever Michelle, made some cut files and a beautiful PDF if you would like to print these out just click HERE! Thank you so much Michelle!

 As I was searching through my old stamp stuff and templates, guess what I found???! Yep, my friend must have sent me a pattern because I had these pieces that resembled her card haha! 

 Be prepared my friends! I am not so good at these instructions.  What I suggest is that you make yourself a "model" to start with and play around with what direction and shape you want your real one.  It helps to have a "model" in front of you, I promise haha!  So, I have created a tutorial with construction paper for you today, hoping the different colors of paper will help you put it together.  Now, the construction paper is too flimsy to work properly with the movement, so bear in mind it is a model.  I suggest you read through all the instructions before starting.

1. Start by cutting the pieces out and scoring on the dotted lines and cut on the straight lines.  My pieces are the exact shape that my friend sent me and it has a cloud effect.  Feel free to use straight lines or whatever works for your scene.

 2. Take the largest cut piece (red) and attach the movement mechanism (blue) with STRONG tape or glue just on the bottom square of the blue piece. You can see I scribbled where there should be glue on the backside.  Remember that the slit on the second piece needs to line up right next to the blue inner edge!!!!!  

 3.  Now attach the smaller yellow piece to the red, using very strong tape again just on the bottom edge of the scored area.  Make sure before attaching it permanently that it will fold together nicely.

 4. Bring movement mechanism through the slit.

6.  Glue or tape the little inner red flap, at the top scored portion and lay the card flat to attach so that it aligns perfectly.( Ignore the glue spots, that was for something else!)

7.  Tada! Now you can see how your model is going to work and make a really pretty one! haha!

This is the one my friend sent me in 1997!

Again here are the ones I made off her patterns!  You can see them in more detail HERE and HERE.

I hope I have not thoroughly confused you.  If you try one, would you please let me see it????? I love moving cards and think they are just too fun!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Dean this is just a wonderful tutorial and a gorgeous card!! Thanks for sharing Chanelle xxx

  2. Thanks sooo much for this great tutorial. I´ll definately give it a try some time here, as I too loves different kinds of special cards like this.
    Have a great day and lots of crafty fun everyone.

  3. Hi Dena,
    I'll have to have a go at one of these. I bet the boys would love them. Your examples all look fabulous. Hope you are keeping well my lovely friend.
    Big Hugs,
    Andie xx

  4. OMG!! Thank you Dena for this awesome tutorial :) I want to try this right away but it will have to go on my to try list ;)

    Your cards are beyond gorgeous using this fold :) Amazing work! :)

  5. Hi Thanks for the tutorial I remember your post was gorgeous , Your friends card looks really special to you. Can't wait to try her pattern . Thanks Kitty ;0)

  6. Woww this is gorgeous Dena! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Kristel

  7. Thank you so much for the tutorial, Dena. It looks quite tricky but your end results are fabulous. It's so lovely to see the earlier make from you dear friend too. How terribly sad that she is no longer with you. Big hugs, Lesley

  8. Great idea, thanks for sharing :)
    Your cards are beautiful :)


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